Temporary exhibition Verhaal Mondiaal

Eperon d’Or cherishes a lot of valuable stories and objects related to the industrial history of Izegem and its surroundings. The emphasis  thereby lies on the shoe and brush industries.

Besides that, the museum also keeps a unique ethnographic collection of brushes and shoes. Over the years, these objects have been collected through donations and purchases throughout the whole world.

The origins of this ‘global’ collection is tightly connected to the origins of the museum itself: the aim was to honour the shoe- and brush industries that originated in Izegem, but also to situate these two industries in a global context.

Eperon d’Or asked 10 locals with foreign roots to select a number of objects from the museum collection that have special meaning to them. These 10 ambassadors explain what these objects mean to them and sometimes even discover unsuspected links between Izegem and the world…

practical information:

– temporary exhibition,  14 november 2019 – 26 april 2020 in museum Eperon d’Or

– admission to the temporary exhibition is included in the entrance fee to the museum