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Vice Versa

It is a well-known fact that Izegem was a historic centre of shoe and brush industry. Less known is that during the 18th century, the city also was a production hub of Flemish hearth tiles. These Izegem-made tiles were unique in their kind. The production process involved real craftmanship and only wealthy families could afford to incorporate the delicate tiles in their hearths. For the first time ever, this exhibition displays all known tile designs that originate from Izegem. All shown tiles are loans from different private and public collections.


A large part of the tiles on display originates from the Museum of Pottery in Torhout. The museum is located in castle Ravenhof. It just so happens that in former days, this castle was home to the Couppé family, shoe manufacturers in Torhout. Connections were made and all partners quickly committed to the idea for a double exhibition. Izegem lent shoes to Torhout, Torhout lent tiles to Izegem. Both museums leave their comfort zones for a while. It’s almost like the world upside down. Or put differently: ViceVersa. 


From November 14th 2020 to May 31th 2021 in museum Eperon d’Or in Izegem and in castle ‘Ravenhof’ in Torhout.