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From 29 Oktober 2022 until 14 September 2024, Eperon d’Or explores the amazing universe of sneakers.


Until 14 September 2024 @Eperon d’Or: lots of colour, exciting stories and a bit of history in a temporary sneaker expo with international allure. Workshops, events and more. Keep an eye on this website and our social media for more details and future plans.

Sporting shoes. To sport. Obviously.

Once, sporting shoes were “utensils” that mainly had to be comfortable and sturdy. They were made for a clear purpose. After the sports match, the sneakers went back to the closet. Little fuss.

To the mainstream!

Nowadays, things have changed. Powered by sports heroes and other celebrities, sneakers have outgrown their original biotope a long time ago. They are no longer only visible on sports fields, but  they are also rocked in urban contexts. On the feet of musical celebrities. In fashion shows. In well thought-out fashion strategies, combined with a hip suit. And in all possible other locations.

Concerning Kanye, casuals and dad sneakers

The Yeezy Boost 750, a design of rapper Kanye West, sold out in an online sale in less than one second. Collectors sometimes own hundreds of different releases and colour combinations of one sneaker model. Certain designs are sold for thens of thousands of euros. Shrewd merchants make a decent living with only sneaker trading. And some say that it is much easier to start up your barbecue if you are wearing the correct, bold “dad sneakers”…