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Visitor groups of 10 to 20 people can book a guide for one (or more) of the following museum tours. A few practical conditions apply to all group visits.

The shoe tour

Izegem has been known for years as the Belgian shoe city par excellence. In the shoe tour we outline the story of that glorious industry. You’ll discover top pieces like the boots of King William I or the enchanting handicrafts from the Eperon d’Or line. In the back building you can see how shoes were made in the 1950s on a production line. Elsewhere you’ll become acquainted with the large variation of used leather. After this visit you’re guaranteed to know the difference between fake and real leather.

The brush tour

A brush is never just a ‘brush’, because there are more types of brushes than you can imagine! During your visit to the brush collection of Eperon d’Or, it will all become crystal clear. You learn about growth and prosperity, about craftsmanship and about the changes in the industry to the present. In the factory hall, you really get an idea of ​​the technical ingenuity of the brush makers. A series of still working brush machines illustrates the evolution from the end of the 19th century until around 1970. Between it all, you can also feel, smell and look very closely at the often miraculous raw materials and equipment.

The cobblers tour

During this visit you’ll get to know the human side of industrial development. How did the workers and the patrons experience this turbulent period? Under what circumstances did they have to work? And what did our ‘cobblers’ do once work was over? We tell their story by means of multimedia, objects and a few carefully selected collection pieces.

Steam and electricity

Did you know that the largest preserved steam engine in the country is in Izegem? The construction of the power plant with a steam engine at the very beginning of the 20th century was an ambitious project. In the following decades, the power plant grew bit by bit, until in 1936 a truly colossal steam engine was installed. How did this daring project come about? Which events determined the rise, the success and the later decommissioning of the steam engine? And how does a steam machine like this actually work? In this visit you not only learn about the special history of this monument, but also about the wonderful natural forces that it’s based on.


Eperon d’Or is a masterpiece of art deco architecture. During this tour, you’ll learn about the typical features of the art deco style and about the meticulous restauration of the building.

Guided bus tours

If your group travels to Izegem by bus, you can book a guided bus tour through the city. Price: €50/€70 (+2h) for the guide.

Guided city tours

Our city guides offer walks through the city, on a wide range of subjects.


  • Basic rate for group visits: €6
  • Children 0-11 years: free
  • Youngsters 12-25 years: €1
  • Combination shoe and brush tour: €6
  • Combination shoe, brush and steam tour: €8

Guide rates

  • Guided tour: €40 per guide per tour
  • Guided city walk: €50 / €70 (+2h)
  • Guided bus tour: €50 / €70 (+2h)