Bata Heritage

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Bata Heritage

Today, Bata is a global company with around 35.000 employees, 23 branches in 18 countries en 5300 shops in over 70 countries.

The story begins in 1894, when Tomáš Baťa starts a company in the rural town of Zlín. He produces quality shoes that are also very affordable. He innovates, works at competitive prices and carries out well thought-out advertising campaigns. This approach is successful and the company grows quickly. Bata becomes a player on a global scale.

Under the guidance of Baťa, Zlín gradually became a model city. Tomáš ordered the construction of housing, schools, shops and hospitals. The town grew alongside the company and Baťa also exported his city concept abroad.

Zlín and Izegem have been twin cities since 1995 – an excellent reason to bring the Bata story at Eperon d’Or. The exposition displays a selection of original Bata shoes (a loan from the Museum of Southeast Moravia in Zlín, Czech Republic), advertising posters, video exerpts and more.

The temporary exhibition  ‘Bata Heritage’  can be visited from November 8th 2018 to April 30th 2019 in Eperon d’Or.